Sacred Body Bliss – Audio Activation

Divine woman are you over criticizing your body and not feeling sexy?

Well it’s time to change that, and to feel incredible in your body and life as you reclaim your inherent power and radiance.

This is my free gift to you!

The energy of the Goddess changed my life and it will change yours!

Freya’s energy gave me the will and the acceleration to overcome self-doubt and lethargy at a critical time in my life.  She was instrumental in restoring my joy of life, and a desire to participate far more fully and to go beyond my physical and  emotional limits!  She showed me I could do it!

She will change your life also!!

The Energy of Freya began as a commission.  After two years of studying her life, praying, thinking, painting sketches and basically being stuck in my mind,  Freya became impatient and tipped my canvas over, ripping a hole in the center.  She told me she wanted me to purchase a brand new canvas, and to start again. Literally within hours she came to me and her energy painted itself!

Who is Shirley Hodges?

Shirley’s life-long interest in the spiritual realm and ancient cultures’ spiritual realms provided the incentive for painting uplifting works that inspire others in the spiritual realms of Nature, the Soul, and our Understanding of ourselves.

“I have been painting my entire life. Color and form permeated my being ever since I can remember.

Beginning with private painting lessons, then studying painting at colleges in Sacramento and Marin County, I then studied at the San Francisco Art Institute.

After having and raising four children, I went on to teach and travel in Italy, France and Poland.

I am a fierce colorist and have painted plein air with arbitrary color, passionately, for decades.

My lifelong passion and search in the spiritual realm has always permeated my canvases. In addition, my deep interest in ancient cultures and their spiritual beliefs, combined with the spirit of the moment and the energy of a place or being, crystallized my desire to paint dynamic uplifting works which inspire others in the spiritual realms of nature, everyone’s unique and perfect soul journeys, and our understanding of ourselves and how we live in both realms.”

Limited editons available (450) Giclee on canvas of the original painting “The Energy of the Goddess Freya.”

24″ x 36″  on canvas (unframed)

$375 plus packing & shipping  (est. $25, depending on distance)

Divine woman once you purchase the energy of Freya she will start working with you.

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