We are Rising into the Divine Feminine

As our planet and all her inhabitants are rising into the divine feminine, she is experiencing birthing pains. The collective conscious is raising abuse and trauma for healing. At this time, feelings of unworthiness and shame, and experiences of abuse of power, sexual abuse and any other type of abuse are being brought into the light and healed in the alchemy frequency of divine love. #me too is a prime example of this.

Bring your story into the light

It’s important for our stories to be heard and witnessed as part of this healing process for us as individuals and as a whole. Perhaps your story has been buried in shame for years or even eons. You may have told yourself it happened so long ago and the past is over, or maybe it’s the first time you have been able to access the story and its impact for healing.  While we journey through this process together know this, Divine Women and Divine Men:

You are not broken. You don’t need fixing. You are inherently powerful and whole.

I acknowledge and witness you for the very real human experience you had, and I recommend you tune into your heart and feel what’s right for you so you can move forward.  Do you need to reach out for support and invest in therapy, bodywork, healing circles, or do you need to connect with sacred feminine FB groups?

You are being guided and led to your next step.

Bust the myth that you created and attracted it

Many new age circles have a belief that we create and attract our experiences to us. I believe we create aspects of our reality through our thoughts, words, actions and connecting to our divine power. I also believe in randomness in the universe. I don’t think we have the power to create every single little thing; we are also co-creators, and there are many different energies on the planet that we come in and out of as we walk through life.

It doesn’t serve us to layer more self-loathing and shame over a traumatic experience by listening to ourselves or others say how we attracted this experience, or the rhetoric that it’s in the past so we should easily be able to move on. I feel this is a thoughtless and cold-hearted response where we lose the opportunity to connect to another human being on a deep level. What is being called for is compassion, understanding and love for this is how we heal.

Once we are healed

Once we are healed, then we can look at our experience through the eyes of an observer and ask self-reflective questions

  1. What was my greatest learning and take away from this experience?
  2. What will I no longer tolerate?
  3. What has to change no matter what?
  4. Through this experience, how can I empower myself and others?
  5. How can I increase compassion for myself and others?

Ask the Divine Mother for support

Bring in the Divine Mother through a prayer and ask for the white light to cleanse and clear all of your cells and for the trauma, shame, and hiding to be resolved, dissolved and lifted from you and replaced with the divine love, wisdom and remembrance of who you truly are.

Final musings

Imagine what it would be like for each woman to speak up and out and share her story. Can you imagine the galvanizing force of the collective sisterhood and the radical change this could bring?

Divine woman, your voice counts and you matter more than you know.

Much love,




Divine Goddess

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