Divine woman, has your sensual fire fizzled? Has life stopped flirting with you? Have you even noticed that your fire has gone out while lying there underneath all your overwhelm? Are you feeling numb, resentful, or afraid deep inside? Have you ever wondered, where did my younger, sexy, vibrant, and passionate self go?

If you can relate to these questions or are triggered, know this, divine woman, there is nothing wrong with you and you are not alone.

With one simple step, you can change your direction.

Life changes when we make a fresh, new decision.

My sensual fire blossomed when I made a decision to attend an 8-week sensual dance class, my shakti was awakened with the feminine movement, the per vocative sexy dress, and I learned how to embrace my power of being a woman.  This was a journey for me as I allowed myself to explore, to be curious and to heal old shame and blocks that had told me it was wrong or bad to be sexy and fully own my sensual power. I invite you in this moment to change your life and make this decision: The wait is now over and I give myself full permission to own my sensual power!

Feel your power return to you as you no longer wait for the ideal partner to come into your life, or for your husband to initiate sex. You no longer have to put life on hold unit you lose weight to feel sexy. You no longer have to worry that you’re too old to put yourself out there (age is irrelevant, darling — it’s called the power of being a woman). All these things are old, worn out and self-sabotaging stories that are not you and don’t embrace your essence and the divine Goddess inside. These are only the stories that you tell yourself about you.

Our sensual fire resides deep in our womb; it’s associated with our sacral chakra, and when it’s fully open it increases our shakti energy through our entire being.  It’s the creative juice that lives within all women. Our sensual fire is the part of us that births babies, new businesses, projects, and movements. It’s our passion, aliveness, creativity, and the part of us that can stop a man in his tracks with our smile and radiant energy. When you feel and allow this creative power to flow through you, your sensual fire will be well stocked and your sex life will soar to new heights.

Chant this, divine woman, and allow yourself to feel the divine frequency in every cell of your being.

I am a Divine Woman filled with lush sensuality. I love and accept my body and I enjoy receiving pleasure. I am a desired woman, and I flirt with life with fun and laughter. I take a bold step each day into awakening my feminine power, and I say a resounding YES to the experiences that light my inner fire with passion and zest. And so it is.

We don’t have to have a partner to have sexual or sensual experiences. The potent rituals below will help you connect with your shakti (the creative and transformative life force that lives within all of us). Perhaps you have never fully explored yourself and discovered what turns you on and what secret fantasies you want to bring to life. This energy is full aliveness. The rituals may feel strange at first, or you may experience feelings of shame, guilt, or self-loathing. But the rituals are designed to help you overcome these feelings so that you become empowered with your creative life force.

Divine love ritual –click here

Increase your sensual fire with three easy rituals –click here

It’s your time to have more joy, intimacy, love and connection. Sex is your sensual Shakti super power! Allow the shame to release and reclaim your sensual power, divine woman! Remember as you connect to the divine love from within, your frequency will shift and so will the chemistry of your life. If you’d like to move deeper into a sacred healing process, I invite you to download my Ultimate Manifesting Goddess Kit.  It’s my gift to you—valued at over $197!  Step into your power and allow love in!




Who is Bridget?

Bridget Engel is a renowned divine channel, love strategist and manifesting mentor. She is also the author of the book Guidance to Go and the founder of the wildly popular Manifest your Divine Man program. Bridget has a rare and potent power that alchemizes women’s lives by helping them to surrender the unconscious resistance that blocks them from attracting exactly what they desire and deserve in life. Her depth, wisdom and insight delivers life-changing transformation and healing.


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