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Sacred Body Bliss – Audio Activation

Divine woman are you over criticizing your body and not feeling sexy?

Well it’s time to change that, and to feel incredible in your body and life as you reclaim your inherent power and radiance.

This is my free gift to you!

Hi Darling Woman

Welcome! I see you.

Know this there is nothing wrong with you! You are not broken and you do not need fixing. This is simply a process of you remembering and claiming who you are!

Though, if you’ve had enough of pain, struggle, scarcity and drama, you must take a stand for yourself and vow to change your life! And watch as you enter into a new realm of fierce Goddess power.

Are you ready to come home to your divine,
radiant femme power?
Most women don’t know how to tap into the innate wisdom of their feminine power. They’re afraid of their true essence and shy away from it because of centuries of being persecuted, shamed, and demonized. At a subconscious level, we still hold this deep feminine wounding, and it keeps us from embracing our power.

This is divine journey home to your inherent Goddess power. It’s an up-leveling as you unravel and release all the stories, beliefs and pain from your past that have kept you in an endless loop of frustration, self-sabotage and despair.

When you are ready to RISE, everything
changes rapidly with grace.

You can have it all when you allow yourself to have it all.

The wounds, the doubt, the not enoughness, and anger will be replaced with fierce femme power, deep love and sacred abundance.

Working with me is simple, powerful and
always life changing.
Check out my offerings below.

Manifest Like A Goddess Diva VIP Package

Break free from not feeling good enough to create unshakable confidence and a life you love without struggle. This is only for women who are 100% ready and fully committed to welcoming positive change into their lives and who are ready to RELEASE THEIR LIMITS AND SOAR.

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What clients are saying…

“When I came to work with Bridget, I had to make a life changing business decision. Within 10 minutes, Bridget was able to zone in on my vibration and help me make a powerful choice. My energy shifted immediately as I released what felt like 20 pounds of heaviness! For entrepreneurs who need to move quickly with clarity and lightness, Bridget is a channeling fire Goddess at guiding you to make decisions that align with your highest vision. She’s loving, wise and utterly gifted.”

Ingrid ArnaFounder CEO Diva Business School

“I just completed the "Manifesting Your Divine Man" program. I wasn't looking for a man but was looking to reconnect with my spiritual self and get assistance on how to create the life that I wanted to live that was eluding me. The healing I received was so sacred and deep it's hard to express in words. I shed layers and layers. I also learned how to work with the spiritual realm and have numerous tools and practices that have enabled me to guide my own healing. My life is also changing in profound ways.
Bridget is the real deal, she's an extremely connected and accurate channel. She has amazing integrity and really embodies what she teaches. She walks her talk. She's this amazing mix of a powerful no bullshit person combined with a gentle loving soul.
I highly recommend working with Bridget in any capacity, she's wonderful and miraculous things will happen!”

Anne S.CA

“Bridget’s coaching has turned my life around. She has taught me to focus my energy and create in my life all the things that I have always wanted. In the months that I have been working with Bridget, my relationships have improved, I have become a more positive person; and for the first time ever I have become a truly happy person. Thank you Bridget.”

Cyndi FrankSan Francisco MI

“Life gets bumpy and sticky; it can throw us off our path. Through Guidance to Go, Bridget shares tools that empower us to see more clearly and feel more purely. I am grateful to have this book to remind me how to get unstuck and back to living the abundant life God has chosen for me.”

Gina Vanessa Palavicini

“I have seen incredible positive shifts in my life and even when I quit on myself, Bridget did not give up on me. Her clear and compassionate vision helped me to believe in myself. ”

Hemila PedramMountain View, CA

“I am difficult to impress, but I am beyond impressed. Your strength, compassion and wildly free spirit are beautiful to behold, and I can't thank you enough for teaching me about energy management and providing a space for me that has allowed me to cleanse, clarify, and fortify my past and my future so dramatically. You are a true gem, a rare sparkling and beautiful soul. I hope to know you for many years to come.”

Elizabeth StecklerTX

“From the moment I met Bridget on the phone, my life forever changed. She is one of the most wonderful, insightful, caring, “real” coaches I’ve ever met. She has the ability to listen to you, pinpoint exactly what you’re feeling and provide solid suggestions to help you make the shifts necessary to move forward. It’s amazing! She has such a calming presence, and I’ve noticed how my body totally relaxes each time we begin a coaching session together. She has truly changed the way I look at my life and the opportunities ahead of me and helped me reconnect spiritually. Thank you, Bridget!”

Julie Tifee

“I am filled with clarity, awe, and making joyful changes in my life.
The work and magic between sessions is more than words can describe. It’s a layered tapestry of transformation and step-by-step growth.
Sending you my deepest gratitude for your coaching which is sheer power & a colossal gift.”


Thank you so much for your blessings! I am truly shook from our convo yesterday.
Massive tectonic plates within have shifted, and I am grateful for your presence.”

Ben WexlerPHX

“Bridget is a divine leader in self-awareness, feminine power, love, spiritual presence, compassion, gratitude and personal growth! She is honest, humble and leads by example, which makes everyone in the group feel loved and accepted and not judged.
When she speaks, her wisdom is felt, understood, and accepted at a core level of just knowing.
I am a true testament to Bridget’s divine & powerful coaching & “creating-the-life-you-want” skills. I would not be in a healthy, thriving, powerful, loving & fulfilling relationship with my hubby Chris, if I had not followed & embodied the steps that Bridget’s guidance provided! I am so proud and amazed when I look back to where I was and where I am now.”

Diana ThomasCA

“As a result of my coaching sessions with Bridget, I have made incredible advances in both my personal and professional life. Her recipe for successful coaching is her innate ability to access both our human and spiritual natures. She then brings it all together and all the issues that are ready for change. She has an awesome gift to witness and I am greatly thankful. ”

Kyra EichornCA

“I want to give this book Guidance to Go to everyone I know, and I want to carry it with me everywhere I go! It is the most thorough and concise compilation of reminders and tools for spiritual alignment, and it has helped me become more intuitive, increase energy levels and focus, and positively maneuver through daily life toward the big-picture.”

Krista HandCA

“I’ve done the MYG challenge twice now.  Both times I started with a small goal, but had huge shifts that allowed me to move forward at light speed! Bridget is such a warm, loving and insightful coach. The experience of a week with Bridget and the angels is truly magical.  It has forever changed me in ways I could not have imagined!”

Maggie HuffmanCA

“Outstanding book, Guidance to Go merges the unseen spiritual with the nuts and bolts of what is indeed observable about life. It’s a perfect guide to help us all weave our way through it.”

Erin GarayCA

“I feel as though I’ve been woken up, right at my core and been magically given exactly what I needed. Working with Bridget has been a major turning point in my life. I experienced such a deep healing and was given the tools I needed to live larger, to stop showing up small and scared. It’s only been 3 months since the retreat and I feel as though my life has truly blossomed, having taken leaps in both my business life and love life. I’m thrilled to say I absolutely feel like a different person, one who has given herself the freedom to really live! Thank you Bridget.”


“Working with Bridget truly allowed me to take a look at where I am playing small and feeling unworthy.
Each coaching session inspired me to go after my desires with confidence and feminine ease. I’m so thankful for Bridget’s amazing intuition and powerful coaching, as I always left each session feeling like I received exactly what I needed.
My self-worth, relationship, and well-being have transformed so positively.
Thank you Bridget for being such an amazing guide and holding such a sacred, potent space. Your guidance has changed my life in so many beautiful ways.”

Abby KurtzCA

“Bridget created deep safety and support for me as I dived into some deeply held issues.
She listened deeply to what I needed, and tailored the sessions to what felt right for me.
Because of the work I engaged in - I have become this beautiful, resilient goddess who can set boundaries and own my power. My relationships have improved dramatically.
My life has truly changed and I know I can manifest anything I desire.
I am so very, very grateful.”

Rebecca PahiNew Zealand

“When I began working with Bridget, my goal was to increase my wealth and the abundance in my life. Wealth to me, meant my finances. I can now see, that true wealth included my relationship with money, people, health, and my happiness. It really came down to my sense of self-worth. I learned that I teach people how to treat me, through the behaviors I accept from them, and how I expect to be treated.
Until I worked with Bridget, I was not strong enough to stand up for myself. I gave and gave until I was depleted. I had no savings; debt was a fear, and …I was waiting for my miracles. Little did I know, life was waiting for me! To make bold choices, and be the brave change that I so badly needed.
I finally chose to be the miracle coordinator of my life. But without Bridget as a Coach, and her guidance, I would not have been able to understand how to do that, when to do that, and even why I should do that.I am now in a completely different place. I have fired some clients and welcomed new ones. My business is thriving, happy, and FUN! I now have the time to nurture the special friendships in my life. I feel fulfilled, loved, and beyond rewarded, and I have a very special man in my life.”

~ Gina RossiCA

“Bridget Engel first of all is truly a one of a kind person and coach.
She is inspiration incarnate. Just being in her presence and energy field is tremendously uplifting. Secondly she has a great ability to see what's at the heart of the matter guiding me in having a greater understanding of myself and my desires.
From this newfound place she has guided me in setting goals that are truly in line with who I am. I always walk away from our sessions with such clarity & gratitude.”

Margaret BartonCA

“This class changed all aspects of my life!! I have been studying life coaching for 3+ years but could not find my passion in the industry. Several weeks into Bridget's class and I experienced what I can only describe as soul thunder! Layers upon layers of old patterns fell away and everything became crystal clear. I found my passion and am on a new path as a nutritionist with an amazing partner. I never would have arrived where I am today without her guidance and amazing coaching. Everyone in the class experienced equally amazing transformations in their lives. It was truly an honor to experience this with such an amazing group of women!!”

Cat Benton
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