Sacred Body Bliss – Audio Activation

Divine woman are you over criticizing your body and not feeling sexy?

Well it’s time to change that, and to feel incredible in your body and life as you reclaim your inherent power and radiance.

This is my free gift to you!

A channel of spiritual guidance opened for me, one that would forever change my life and career. The next day I was guided to a salsa class where I found myself standing next to a man called Steven. We locked eyes and immediately we knew this was it—here was the one we’d both been searching for. We were engaged 10 days later! I know, it was super fast and super right. Now 19 years on, I’m blissfully married to my BEST FRIEND with a thriving healing practice. That experience with my spiritual guidance forever changed me, and it’s my mission to help women awaken this natural gift within themselves.

To get to where I am today, I had to release deep ancestral wounds that had plagued me for years, as well as all the old stories and mis-beliefs that had been directing my life, including the trauma from my relationship with my father.

This work was the essential first step to me living a soulful life fit for my inner Queen. Through further journeys of self-discovery and self-love, I’ve honed and mastered healing powers to become a renowned healer, channel and relationship coach. This journey home to my Divine Goddess power has been the most incredible and potent practice of my life.

And, divine woman, I want this for you too. Once you uncover who you really are, you’ll never let her go again. The world needs more empowered women who aren’t afraid to speak out or change the status quo, or to create businesses and social movements that support them and all the different colors, textures and tastes of women’s desires.

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