About Life Coach Bridget Engel

I feel blessed beyond belief…

I live a life of incredible wealth, unconditional love, intense joy, deep love, sacred intimacy, enlivening sensuality and mind-blowing miracles.

And I’m extremely grateful.

Because it hasn’t always been this way and I am sharing this because you can have it too!

Like you, I’ve had my fair share of life experiences so painful, devastating and threatening I wasn’t sure I’d survive. But what got me through and led me to the amazing life I live now was my connection to my angels, my inner wisdom and spiritual guidance.

And my willingness to act on that guidance.

Let me tell you a story.

One of the biggest miracles in my life came at my darkest hour. On the evening of September 15th 2003, I lay on my back lawn looking up at the stars, feeling utter despair. Why had all my relationships with men failed? What was wrong with me? I was out of ideas. Not knowing what to do, I prayed to the universe Please bring me my soulmate right away. Within minutes of this prayer, I felt a tremendous and gut-wrenching emotional pain release through my entire body. I cried for hours. I felt as though my soul was having a cathartic release, purging all my hurts, disappointments, and pain.

The next morning I heard an internal message urging me to Go to the Starlight Ball Room and attend their salsa class. I knew it was a sign because “Starlight” is the name of my future self. I almost ignored the message and chickened out from going, but I thought to myself, What do I have to lose? That night, I was running late, and when I entered the ball room, it was packed. I just stood there. A beam of white light, similar to a flashlight, came down through the ceiling and directed me to a space next to a six-foot tall, slender man with brown hair and big loving brown eyes. When I stood next to him, he turned his head and looked straight at me. My body tingled with a surge of positive energy, and I had a vision of us getting married. Yes, I was shocked; I had never experienced anything like that before. Ten days later, Steven and I were engaged and living together.

I know, it was super fast and super right.

Now 15 years on, I’m blissfully married with a thriving healing practice that sees me working with women all over the world guiding them to LOVE.

This leap of faith in following my guidance to attend the salsa class forever changed my life. My guidance also allowed me to fulfill my life’s calling: to help women entrepreneurs reconnect to their soul, remember who they really are and own their power to manifest their man and create a life that thrills them in every way.

As I look back on my life, there are thousands and thousands of stories I could share about how, by following my divine guidance, I’ve been consistently led to the most rich, rewarding and enlivening opportunities for me. I can honestly say that I owe all the beauty, love, joy and wealth in my life to my guidance and my willingness to follow it.

For over 14 years, I’ve been helping women realize their wildest dreams and manifest miracles by seeing who they really are at a soul level, showing them how to connect to the truth and wisdom of their own spiritual guidance and giving them the energetic and practical support they need to break free of the status quo and create a life of their own design… the life they’ve always wanted.

It would be my honor to help you do the same. 

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Who is Bridget Engel?

Life Coach and Author  Bridget Engel

Bridget Engel is one of the world’s leading channels, the author of the renowned book Guidance to Go and the founder of the Manifest your Divine Man program. Bridget has a rare and potent power that alchemizes women’s lives by helping them to surrender the unconscious resistance that blocks them from attracting exactly what they desire and deserve in life. Her depth, wisdom and insight deliver life-changing transformation and healing.

Always extremely intuitive and sensitive to the spiritual realm, Bridget sensed from an early age that her mission in life was to teach women to have the courage to follow their unique voice and to shine with the confidence that comes from a deep connection with the Spiritual realm.

Certified as a Life Coach by the Coaching Training Institute CPCC and as a leading Angel Therapy Practitioner, Bridget has helped hundreds of women for the past 15 years partner with their Divine Guidance to step into their inherent power, manifest like super stars and enjoy their lives to the fullest.