Divine Woman



Sacred Body Bliss – Audio Activation

Divine woman are you over criticizing your body and not feeling sexy?

Well it’s time to change that, and to feel incredible in your body and life as you reclaim your inherent power and radiance.

This is my free gift to you!

Who am I, you might be asking, to help you set your life alight with passion, energy and abundance?

I’m Bridget, a High Priestess, alchemist and catalyst for deep and positive change. I run a global business working with women as they rise into their power and catapult their lives into the domain of their dreams. This sacred work is for you if you’re ready to truly awaken to who you are and release the old myths and social conditioning that have been passed down from generation to generation and are now keeping you stuck. If you’ve had enough of pain, struggle, scarcity and drama, you must make a vow to change your life and enter into a new realm of fierce Goddess power.

The truth is you can have a life you absolutely love, filled with overflowing abundance, joy and authenticity. It’s about coming home to your inherent power, embracing radical self-love, and leaving the princess archetype behind so you can leap into your femme power as a Queen.

Most women don’t know how to tap into the innate wisdom of their feminine power. They’re afraid of their true essence and shy away from it because of centuries of being persecuted, shamed, and demonized. At a subconscious level, we still hold this deep feminine wounding, and it keeps us from embracing our power. I teach women how to access their feminine power with deep, sacred love and respect, to cherish themselves, to map out their dream desires, and to manifest and realize them. When women work with me, alchemy takes place: their frequency changes, and their beliefs, stories and pain start to unravel and release their stranglehold. The magic happens when women start to rewire their mindsets and write new stories. They create space, raise their understanding of what can be achieved, and open their hearts to possibility. And then dreams are manifested.

Divine woman, the most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself.

I’ve found when women are willing to say yes to their dreams, desires, ambitions, and needs, lives change. That one radical act of self-love, where you say, ‘I’m worth investing in and my life and happiness matter’, is the moment when you become magnetic to your desires. The world and everything within it, responds to you differently and life begins to deliver opportunities and delicious synchronicities.

A journey into love

It hasn’t always been easy for me. I remember a time in my life when I was filled with self-doubt, despair and deep longing for change. I had more than my fair share of devastating relationships and life dramas. I was at an all-time low, feeling lost, lonely and ready to give up on ever finding the relationship of my dreams. And then something miraculous happened after I was literally brought to my knees and prayed to the universe for love to enter my life.


I am a divine channel, and sacred priestess catalyst for the past 17 years! I have an extensive background in the healing arts, and I run a global business working with woman as they rise into their power and catapult their lives into the domain of their dreams.

I am a certified Life Coach from The Coaching Training Institute C.P.C.C. I hold a National Diploma in business from the New Zealand Institute of Management, N.Z.I.M.

My clients have found that just being in my vortex of energy starts shifting their energy to a place where they can more easily overcome the issues that are rising for them.

As part of my work, you’ll receive divine transmissions that will lead to cellular transformation and a quantum shift in your energy, mindset and, ultimately, in your life.