She grew up in a household where individual thinking was highly praised and fitting in or following the crowd was considered a crime. Her family’s motto was “Just get a move on.”

In 1995 she followed her intuition to travel and flew to California with a one-way ticket, two suitcases, and not knowing a person there.

This experience shaped her mission to teach women to have the courage to follow their unique voice and to shine with a confidence that comes from following their North Star.  “Every disaster that has happened in my life was the result of not listening to my intuition and trying to fit in,” says Bridget. “It’s so painful to sacrifice your spirit in order to gain approval when what we should do is celebrate our uniqueness. So, no more trying to change who you are! Love and accept all of you, and this will empower you to live your truth and enjoy a life of undeniable joy, personal fulfillment and spiritual connection.”

Certified as a Life Coach, CPCC, and Angel Therapy Practioner, Bridget  studied under Dr. Doreen Virtue, the renowned Angel teacher. She holds a National Diploma in Business N.Z.I.M.