World Renowned Channel, Transformational Teacher and Love Coach Presents…

Bonus Class Lesson – Divine Channeling to Meet Your Beloved

Healing with Archangel Raphael and the loving, nurturing aspect of the Divine mother. Ladies please watch the recording – there is a potent message for each of you. The guidance in this lesson is the outline for your dating plan – please write it out and follow the guidance.

Journal Prompts

Reflective Questions – Fill in the following:

What wouldn’t you want a man to know about you?

When you are afraid of intimacy or being vulnerable, you tend to ________________.

The way you keep your heart safe is ____________________.

What has to happen before you allow a man into your life?

How do you allow a man to get close to you?

What do you criticize or complain most about regarding men and relationships?

What is your attitude towards relationships?

Towards marriage?

Towards commitment?

If your ideal man were to appear right now, how ready are you to say yes?