World Renowned Channel, Transformational Teacher and Love Coach Presents…

Month 1: Lesson 1:
Meet Goddess Lakshmi-and Your Sacred Sisterhood

In our Opening Circle, Goddess Lakshmi will guide and infuse our sacred container for the next 6 months. You’ll begin with clearing the blocks in your heart, mind, and body so you can get the most out of this sacred, spiritual journey, and also connect with your sacred sisterhood.

Lesson 1 – Group Call – 4/11/17

Lakshmi Meditation

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Lakshmi Mantra

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Goddess Assignments

Create Your Sacred Space Altar

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In what areas of your life do you give yourself away – to feel loved, validated, or safe?

Is there an area in your life or a person that is draining your energy? Why are you allowing yourself to be drained and what needs to change?

Review your relationship with these areas of your life and rate them on a scale from 0 to 10, where 10 = as good as it gets!

  • health
  • family
  • friends
  • significant other
  • career
  • home environment
  • finances
  • vacations
  • fun
  • hobbies
  • If it’s less than a 6, what needs to change?

Are there specific relationships that you are avoiding? Do you feel helpless or resentful? Is this keeping you from resolving the conflict?

If you held yourself as sacred – and loved yourself fully – how would your life be different?

If you knew with every fiber of your being that your Divine Man will come into your life – what would change for you?


  • Crystal Goddesses 888 – Alana Fairchild

Please reach out to the group if you need support or have insights/aha’s to share on Facebook!