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Month 1: Lesson 2:
Clear Your Blocks to Receive and Deeply Open to the Divine Feminine

In this lesson, you’ll master restoring your own sense of inner dignity and create a resilient sense of self-worth, overcoming experiences of shame, guilt or judgement so you can feel truly worthy and claim the abundance and love that you deeply deserve.

Lesson 2 – Group Call – 4/25/17

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Giving and Receiving Exercise-Homework Video

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Journal - Reflective Questions

Write the first impressions that come to you.

  • What did my mother believe about receiving and giving?
  • What words would she say, how comfortable was she to receive, how comfortable was she with giving?
  • How worthy and deserving do you feel she was? What makes you think this?
  • What do you believe her core beliefs were that created her life experiences?
  • What was your experience growing up in terms of feeling worthy, respected, deserving, loved and your ability to receive and give? Which one were you most comfortable with and why?

Notice any correlations with your life and your mother’s. Now write down the top 5 beliefs that you feel hold you back from feeling worthy to receive.

Now create a new belief about worthiness and deserving, and post it on Facebook.


Please reach out to the group if you need support or have insights/aha’s to share on Facebook!