World Renowned Channel, Transformational Teacher and Love Coach Presents…

Month 2: Lesson 1:
Meet Your Inner Divine Feminine

It’s time for you to meet your Inner Goddess – a divine feminine being that lives within every woman – and even as the feminine spirit within every man!

This is the sensual, graceful, passionate and self-respecting part of us that knows what we deserve (all that life has to offer!) and feels comfortable and secure in expressing our inner most emotional truths – whether that be passionate fire or vulnerability, innocence or wisdom.

This is the part of us that has enough self-esteem to know and ask for what we truly want and, of course, to feel comfortable in receiving.

A Goddess does not talk about love and walk in fear. She lives her truth and elegantly draws in her needs and desires.

Lesson 1 – Group Call – 5/9/17

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Journal - Reflective Questions/Exercises

Heart Qualities of the Feminine

Your open heart is the most powerful vessel of transformation.

Choose one of the following qualities to focus upon during the next two weeks:

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Blessing

Embody through movement the Divine Feminine within you. Dance in a moving meditation with a dance soundtrack that will inspire and activate the Divine Feminine within you.

Then ask yourself:

  • What does it feel like to be in this feminine energy?
  • What does this feminine energy call you to be?

Then let all of your actions flow from there.


Please reach out to the group if you need support or have insights/aha’s to share on Facebook!