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Month 3: Lesson 1:
Divine Relationship Union

It’s time for you to create your divine relationship blueprint by balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, so you can get a deep understanding of what it looks like for the masculine and feminine to walk together as co-creative equals.

If you’ve been battling exhaustion and Superwoman Syndrome, chances are your masculine expression is unhealthy.

If you’ve been struggling with receiving and low self-worth or poor body image and health issues, your feminine expressions need to be gently realigned.

This lesson will help you ensure that both the masculine and the feminine are perfectly synchronized. You’ll discover how to set boundaries and receive support, cherish yourself, feel into your emotions and be guided by your divine soul wisdom.

Lesson 1 – Group Call – 6/6/17

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Journal - Reflective Questions/Exercises

What was the quality of the romantic life like of your mother and father?

What did you learn about love and relationships from your father and mother?

In what ways, if any, have you been carrying the burdens, resentments, and/or disappointments for your mother or father?

Are you harboring any of your own burdens, resentments, and/or disappointments regarding your father or male figures in your life? If so, how?

What is the pattern(s) you’ve experienced over and over again in your romantic relationships?

How can you transform and resolve these experiences?


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