World Renowned Channel, Transformational Teacher and Love Coach Presents…

Month 5: Lesson 1:
Embody the Supreme Divine Success

In this lesson you will learn how to embody the Supreme Divine Success through the power of wild Kuan Yin. She teaches us that the time for courageous action is now upon us, and waiting or going into the past no longer serves us. It’s truly our time to leap over the bridge from where we are now and into our bright beautiful future.

Group Call 8/8/17

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Reflective Questions

How can you remain open and commit to the path of love?

Courageous action is upon you now. What is one daily action you will commit to no matter what – to meet your divine man or your dream business?

This is your time to put yourself out there – to be visible and let yourself be seen. Which Angel, Goddess or universal force will you commit to work with?

What structure do you need to put into place to challenge yourself to keep moving forward and to no longer play small or accept less than what you deserve?

If your ideal man were to appear right now, how ready are you to say yes and commit?

When you feel into living the life of your dreams – how does it feel? What do you notice? Do you believe you can really have it?

Feel into your heart- is there a special permission you need to give yourself, or feel like you need from someone else or God to truly be abundant, thriving, meet your divine man and have the life of your dreams?