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Month 6: Lesson 1:

Effective Communication Part 2

The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself – we start here first. All feelings and emotions contain information, emotions bypass our conscious defenses and open a window into our heart. It’s not the behavior of the other person but our own needs or triggers which cause our feelings, which then will determine the story we tell ourselves.

When you are in touch with your feelings and needs you are in touch with your life energy. This is how we connect and empathize with another human being.

Group Call 8/29/17 – Part 1

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Group Call 8/29/17 – Part 2

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Reflective Questions

  • Check in with yourself 3 times a day, left hand on your heart and right hand on belly. Take 3 to 5 deep belly breaths and then ask yourself, what am I feeling? Locate it in your body and then feel the feeling until it dissipates.
  • Next ask yourself, what am I needing? There is a Feelings and Needs list that can assist you.
  • Powerful questions shift our perspective and change our story. If you are stuck in a negative loop, ask yourself the following:
    • Why would a reasonable and rational person act this way?
    • Am I pretending to not notice the part I am playing in this situation?
    • What do I want?
    • What action can I take to move me towards what I want?
    • When I am communicating verbally or non-verbally – what is my impact on others?
  • Make a decision on what type of communicator you want to be. Side note: values are the bedrock of our behavior. They define what is most important to us and they form the framework that we base our decisions upon. If you have not completed the values exercise in our previous lesson, I encourage you to do so.