One of the simplest ways to become present to this moment is by bringing awareness to our breath. Breathing releases resistance and tension, and when you direct it to any tight places in your body you can begin to heal.

When we become present to this moment—which is where our full power resides—it allows us to come home to our hearts and fully into our bodies, which is the sacred vehicle for our soul’s journey. (Some major parts of our journey are being open to giving and receiving love, being authentic, speaking our truth, and living our lives in a way that honors our values, vision, and our precious uniqueness.)

Underneath every physical issue—including tense or saggy muscles—is your bodies way of trying to communicate with you. Are you listening, or are you ignoring your body and hoping the issue will go away?

When my right hip was sore, I needed to go within to listen to the wisdom that it was trying to share with me. My hip pain started out as a small discomfort, and then escalated to be unbearable. Our hips are the center of movement; they symbolize our ability to let go of the past and enter into the new. The hips contain our sexuality and issues of intimacy and trust. My hip was communicating to me loudly about my trust that had been deeply broken in a relationship, and because I was unwilling to feel and deal with the pain, the unresolved feelings and sadness took up residency in my right hip. If you are new to this concept it may sound strange, but I urge you to keep an open mind; to be like a curious child going on a discovery adventure.

I was inspired to create a relaxing, six-minute guided visualization to assist you in becoming fully present in your body and to check in with yourself.

Click here to download the visualization.

When you’re done, please share your experiences below in the comments. I would love to hear what your bodies have to say.


Divine Goddess

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