Your thoughts, emotions and words send out a powerful broadcast of energy. They are magnetic and act like a gravitational field. They go out into the universe and draw those very things back to you. The way you think, feel and speak determine the events, people and objects you attract.

To free yourself from the burden of negative energy, and to create happier events in your life, it is important to use higher words when you speak internally to yourself and outwardly to others. As you begin thinking higher, kinder and more loving thoughts, and speak in more loving ways, you will change the magnetism of your body and resonate with the higher planes of the universe.

I  loved hearing this piece of wisdom from Joel Osteen, a pastor on Oprah’s show. He said, “The words you use go from your mouth and then return to your ears.”  Your words can act like a self-fulfilling prophecy and reinforce a pattern of thinking and behaving. Think of the areas in your life that are less than stellar, and pay attention to the words you use to describe the situation?

In any area of your life you can see what type of life you will have five years from now by listening to the words you are using today.

Words are a powerful form of action, when you say something they act like a command and go directly to the Universe.

These three phrases open the door to fear and feeling powerless. Let’s erase them from our vocabulary:

  1. I can’t. This phrase opens the door to resistance and fear. Drop the T and you have I can. What can you do, and what are you willing to do?
  2. I should. This phrase opens the door to guilt and perfectionism
  3. I will try. This phrase opens the door to no commitment and being a people pleaser

Your confidence is reinforced by the words you use. Be supportive of yourself!


Divine Goddess

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