Perspective is a point of view. It is about being willing to see life from all different angles, and being willing to go beyond what you normally perceive.

When you change your negative perspective into a positive one, you will experience a mental and emotional change, which in turn changes your experience. You will then become more empowered and resourceful.

From a spiritual perspective, the ability to see events, people, and all situations from a positive perspective will help you rise above mass thought forms and the dense levels of energy, into the fine high vibrations of love, joy, peace, clarity, wisdom, and patience.

This higher energy will lift you and have you feeling like you are soaring on a magic carpet ride. This energy taps into a place of deeper knowing that all is truly well and that good things are coming your way. Your emotional body gains the most when you shift into positive perspectives. Every time you think or say a negative word about yourself or others, your vibration lowers and your energy dips.

If you keep repeating this negative cycle, your body can get sick. You will attract people and situations that reflect this lower energy. But once you take responsibility and shift into higher levels of thinking, your energy will turn around and you will be pointed in the right direction.

Some ways to shift or re-frame your perspective are:

  1. Every time you bring up a bad memory or have negative feelings, stop yourself. Ask yourself, what good did you create from this situation? What were the gifts? What’s a more powerful perspective? How would Oprah view this situation?
  1. If you are facing a problem or mindset that you cannot solve with your current level of thinking, imagine yourself traveling five years into the future and meeting your future self. Visualize together that you are viewing your life as a whole. You may envision looking upon your whole life as one continuum rather than viewing it as a separate series of events. Ask your future self how to handle this situation. Trust that you will receive all the wisdom and knowledge that your future self holds.
  1. Instead of immediately thinking about worst-case scenarios for your current situation, make a list of possible best case scenarios.

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