How do we stay in this now moment? By making a conscious connection with our breath, which focuses our attention into this present moment. Bringing oxygen into every level of the body is one of the greatest pathways for vital health and feeling free. The angels and your higher self imbue your oxygen molecules with the answers and the information that you have been requesting and seeking. When you are breathing deeply, you often get your aha moments and your creativity opens.

This is a practice. The more awareness you can bring to your breath throughout the day it will become easier to notice when you hold your breath, shallow breathe and when you are breathing deep. I have  been experiencing a time in my life where I am busier than I have ever been, yet I feel the most spacious I have ever felt. This is because I am spending most of my time in this now moment. I notice instantly if I am having a fearful thought, as my energy immediately dips and I don’t feel as good.

This happened to me when I took Merlin to a holistic vet. I felt fantastic about the veterinary and she is very aligned with my philosophies on life. Yet, when I received the $500 bill, I felt my energy dip dramatically and my chest clutched at this huge bill. I could have stayed in the downward spiral really easily, but I noticed it and I said to my mind “Stop.” This released me from the fear spiral and I was able to keep my heart open to love. When we say stop or cancel or something equivalent, it interrupts the thought pattern.

We are in a time of much accelerated energy, which means everything is manifesting with greater speed. Our thoughts broadcast as frequencies of energy that act in a fashion similar to a homing pigeon. They literally fly out from your mind to connect with whatever you are thinking about and bring it to you. This means you get what you think about whether you want it or not.

The more we can practice being in the present moment, the easier it will be to notice when we are creating fearful or loving scenarios. This does not mean monitoring your thoughts, (which would be extremely difficult) as we have so many but more about noticing if your energy dips, and then changing it.

  1. Put little reminder notes on your computer to focus on breathing deeply.
  2. Ask your angels to help you be more present.
  3. Focus on only one activity at one time and give it your full attention. This is how I expand my time and accomplish a lot in my day. The times when I think multi-tasking would be faster, my body tightens, and everything seems to feel a little more stressed and takes longer.

Divine Goddess

You no longer need to suffer by putting up with just good enough, being stifled by fear or waiting for someone to rescue you.It’s time for you to feel incredible in your own body and life, as you reclaim your inherent power and divine beauty.

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