I hope my note finds you thriving and getting ready for a summer of fun and play. As you head into summer I invite you to practice using the Law of Increase which states that when we appreciate what we have it will increase. I have created a Frequency Ascension Plan that uses the Law of Increase and is fun, super easy, and it works!

When we appreciate even the tiniest thing in a person or situation, when we’re grateful for it, that which we appreciate and are grateful for increases and multiplies. The Law of Increase states that when we appreciate what we currently have, it will increase. If we want to receive more good in our life, we simply need to count our blessings.

Consider the miracle that gratitude is and can be in your life. Gratitude gives us the strength and grace to see the blessings that surround us all the time, opening our heart and mind to experience new possibilities. Cultivating gratitude and grace is a huge component of keeping our heart open and being in the flow of life.

Ask yourself:

  • How generous am I?
  • Am I a generous listener?
  • How many compliments and acknowledgments have I shared over the past week?
  • How many times have I stopped and let gratitude flow though my heart?
  • Do I pause and drink in nature?
  • How many times have I looked someone in the eyes and said a heartfelt “thank you”?

Cultivating gratitude and grace is a daily practice that nourishes our emotional well-being and that of others, making us open and receptive. The more we practice gratitude, the easier it becomes.

Gratitude offers many gifts. It injects us with confidence and optimism, energizes our body, and turns on the positive law of attraction.

I invite you to use your plan and create a daily practice of gratitude and appreciating others and watch as your relationships, finances and health flourish.

I would love to hear the juicy new about your juicy new manifestations after using your frequency ascension plan. Please share in the comments below, or join us on my Facebook page!


Divine Goddess

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