Don’t put up with less than everything you want.

If you have an aspect or area of your life you’d like to transform, like your career, your love life, your finances or how you feel in your own skin, this 3-month coaching adventure will give you the spiritual guidance, support and inspired action steps you need to create an easy, effortless shift into a life you love!

You will also strengthen your connection and ability to communicate with your angels and spiritual guides, break free of the energetic and circumstantial blocks that can slow your progress and master the 3 Keys to Manifesting so you can quickly create whatever you want.


Once a week for 3 months we will have a 1 hour recorded phone call or Skype session,
and two email check-ins per week.

– During our 3 months together –


 We will work together on manifesting your one clear and compelling goal.


You will be assigned your own special Archangel who will work exclusively with you during our journey together,and the rest of your life if you so desire.


Dissolve the energetic blocks , and old stories that slow your progress or cause you to struggle.


Cultivate the mindset required to truly create and live an exceptional life that you love and feel excited about.


Custom designed daily practices and an inspired action plan for realizing your goal quickly and effortlessly.


A recording to keep you energetically aligned to receive your desired goal as quickly as possible.


You are going to become a woman who loves herself her life and lives it with confidence, radiant feminine power and unshakable joy!



“Through Bridget’s Manifestation Challenges I have learned to clearly focus on what it is I really want and what I need to do in order to accomplish my soul’s truest desires.

In the first challenge I found my perfect nest, in the second I healed my relationship with my dad. Bridget and her guides helped me identify the gap between my optimal vitality and the relationship with my dad. I am beyond grateful for this breakthrough and I am delighted that I was able to share this healing with such an encouraging, supportive spirit.

Bridget’s coaching technique and grounded guidance gave me the tools necessary to achieve my number one goal, and her playful nature encouraged me to have fun in the process

I love you Bridget and I thank you for being a guiding force in my life. I can’t wait to see what’s next! “

~ Susan Rae, Boston, MA

“As a result of my coaching sessions with Bridget, I have made incredible advances in both my personal and professional life. Her recipe for successful coaching is her innate ability to access both our human and spiritual natures. She then brings it all together and all the issues that are ready for change. She has an awesome gift to witness and I am greatly thankful. ” 

~ Kyra Eichorn, Santa Cruz, CA

“Bridget is one of the most wonderful, insightful, caring, “real” coaches I’ve ever met. She has the ability to listen to you, pinpoint exactly what you’re feeling and provide solid suggestions to help you make the shifts necessary to move forward. It’s amazing! Bridget has such a calming presence, and I’ve noticed how my body totally relaxes each time we begin a coaching session together. She has truly changed the way I look at my life and the opportunities ahead of me and helped me reconnect spiritually. Thank you, Bridget! ”

~ Julie Tifee


Step 1. Choose one clear, juicy, life-changing goal.
Step 2. Schedule a free call to see if this 3-month Manifestation Mastery is a fit for us.
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