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Woman, this is your time to rise into your inherent power. Let me show you how. Get your hands on this sacred training valued at $197 for FREE.

Ritual One:

Ascension Goddess

Ascension Goddess is a FUN and potent 2 steps ritual process, that can be completed in 5 to 10 minutes a day. This divine invocation will set the scene for your entire day and in doing so your life, as you align your energy to the frequency of love, and then learn how to welcome in universal helpers to assist you. This will turn you into a manifesting Goddess Superstar in no time.

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Ritual two:

Goddess Make Over Ritual

Reclaim your energy and clear your space for your new divine life. This is the PHYSICAL CLEARING part of your divine healing journey.

All unfinished business holds a part of our energy. When we look at an unmade bed, unwashed dishes in the sink, a cluttered wardrobe, a messy car, a missing button, or think of conversations we need to have, we may feel a strong drain on our energy. By tending to and completing these tasks, our energy will return to us. It’s essential to create space for the very thing that we want to enter our life. Clutter blocks our manifestations.

Gift yourself 30 minutes for the next seven days to dive into your Goddess Make Over Ritual. When you look at your messy car, over-stuffed wallet or wear outdated lingerie, it drains your Goddess life force and tells the universe you don’t think you are deserving. Notice how much energy returns to you from the simple act of saying, ‘No, I am worthy of more,’ and no longer tolerating what does not serve you. Purging the old and decluttering your space sends a powerful signal to the universe and world around you. It says I love myself, and I am creating the space for my dreams and all the things that make me feel fantastic and elevate my life. Completing this ritual will help you reclaim your inherent power, raise your standards, and feel vitalised as your Goddess energy rises.

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Ritual Three:

Chakra Clearing Meditation

This is the SPIRITUAL CLEARING part of your divine healing journey.

To create a strong connection with your intuition, guides, Goddess and your higher powers, it’s essential to clean your chakras. These potent energy centers collect debris, toxic waste and become clogged from negative thoughts and feelings, absorbing environmental toxins such as fearful news, stress, and disconnecting from nature/creator. When our chakras become clogged, they literally slow down our energy and we feel sluggish, and our reception to our divine becomes like an unstable Internet connection. Cleaning our chakras is like brushing our teeth and taking a shower every day: it’s essential for our energetic health and emotional stability.

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Ritual Four:

Fearless Goddess Meditation

A transformational audio that works while you sleep!

This is the EMOTIONAL CLEARING part of your divine healing journey.
Eliminate your money worries, stress and self-doubt in less than 13 minutes a day. It works while you sleep!

This is the ultimate guide in relaxing and letting go while you drift off to sleep. I invoke my special Angelic Guides that I have closely worked with for 20 years who will empower you to release heavy, fear-based thoughts and emotional anxieties about money, relationships, health and any other experience that is causing you stress.

Relationship anxieties often stem from deep resentments, shame and guilt, and you will feel lighter and freer as you gently go through a forgiveness exercise that will leave you soaring free. Do you have a busy mind that will not switch off? Then you will enjoy letting all thoughts go effortlessly as you slumber into a deep, peaceful and sound sleep.

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