Do you have a big goal, dream or desire you want to manifest?

Like more income? Your soul mate? Vibrant heath? More sexual energy?

In this one power-packed session, we will call in the angels, connect with your greater knowing and clear the energy blocks that are mucking up the mix so you can quickly and easily manifest that one delicious goal.

This 90-minute phone session includes:
  • Approximately 20 minutes of channeled information from my angels
  • Release the energetic blocks that slow your progress or cause you to struggle.
  • A customized next step action plan and one daily practice for realizing your desire, easily and effortlessly.
  • A recording to keep you energetically aligned to help you receive your desired goal
To prepare for this session:  Decide what you want and choose one clear and compelling desire.

One Desire: 90-minute Soul Session


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“My experience was phenomenal. Not only did my session confirm for me many things, such as my style of communication with the angels, but it answered questions about all areas of my life. Bridget was able to give me insight about a particular work situation before I even asked her the question. She cleared my energy space which gave me clarity about issues in my life. I know that I will definitely consult Bridget again in the future.” Yasmin Hasham, Vancouver, BC

Bridget is a divine leader in self awareness, feminine power, love, spiritual presence, compassion, gratitude and personal growth! She is honest, humble and leads by example, which makes everyone in the group feel loved and accepted and not judged.
When she speaks, her wisdom is felt, understood, and accepted at a core level of just knowing. It opens me to know that wisdom and possibility are inside of me too! … I have learned to follow through, and commit to the daily tools of being grounded, aware, and connected to my guides!
I have benefited so much from her group coaching. I am so proud and amazed when I look back to where I was and where I am now.” ~ Diana Thomas, CA