This topic is very near and dear to my heart because I see people suffering every day with failed relationships or the disappointment and frustration associated with trying to meet ‘the One’. I feel a deep empathy and understanding for their pain due to my own journey with past failed relationships. It wasn’t until I healed my father wounds, started a daily practice of meditating and connecting to divine love, and committed to stepping out of my comfort zone of dating the same type of men that life changed for me. I made a decision to take risks. The first was to try a new salsa dance class, which was extremely nerve racking for me as I’m a shy dancer and often out of time with the music. But the risk paid off because that very salsa dance class is where I met my husband 15 years ago.

I know that embracing a decision to change our lives and committing to that action opens opportunities for every one of us to meet our own Divine lover. Here are 3 simple steps I invite you to take to say YES to meeting your Divine lover.

Step One: Discover and Release What’s Holding You Back

Going within to discover the blocks that hold us back from attracting our Divine lover requires courage and a desire for our life to be different. When we bring our awareness within and connect to our deep, inner wisdom—the still quiet place where our deepest truth resides—we become embed with clarity, empowerment, and grace.

My client Cindy was stuck in the fantasy phase of always talking about her dream of the perfect man, marriage and two children. But ten years later she was no closer to her dream. From the outside, it looked like she was doing all the right things. She was going on dates, having great conversations, and generally meeting really nice guys; but they would never call back for a third or fourth date, or she would get bored with them and nothing would ever come of it. Things changed when she chose to go within and connect to her inner wisdom and allow herself to become deeply honest with herself. She discovered she was protecting herself from getting hurt or bitterly disappointed by keeping her heart closed, which blocked her from experiencing genuine intimacy and a rich, emotional connection. In case strategy one failed, she had a backup plan to look for every possible flaw the guy had to protect herself from falling in love. No relationship stood a chance with those odds against it. These weren’t facts: they were all her subconscious beliefs, which she was blind to until she made a fresh choice to heal past hurts, betrayals and beliefs that no longer supported her dreams going forward.

I share this story to invite you to go within and connect to your inner wisdom.

Divine Goddess, I invite you to create a sacred space for yourself — light a candle, take 3 deep inhales and exhales, and pray to your inner Goddess, the Universe, the Divine to gently bring awareness to what is blocking you from having the relationship of your dreams. Ask yourself how you can be open to more love. There is no rush. Gently allow memories and insights to surface in your awareness. This may happen instantly or unfold over the next week or so. The key is to remain aware of what’s going on around and inside you.

Step Two: Create a Rich, Juicy, Vibrant Life 

Sometimes we may find ourselves stuck in a rut and doing the same things over and over. This was the case for me when I kept dating the same type of man. It would never go anywhere because their attributes weren’t what I needed to thrive in a relationship. To meet our Divine lover, we need to shake our life up and choose to leave our comfort zone. Have you ever noticed when you’re having fun and engaging in a new activity that people are naturally drawn to you? This is because you’re exuding a radiant and inviting energy. Men are attracted to women who love their lives, and they will want to be a part of that juicy experience. Are you ready to take a risk Divine woman and say YES to claiming and creating your own rich, vibrant life?

Imagine the activities you have always wanted to experience. Perhaps it’s visiting museums (maybe in Paris or Italy), wine tasting, art or dance class, poetry, rock climbing, skydiving, scuba diving, traveling, or trying out new cafes and restaurants. Choose one activity that lights you up with passion and joy and make a date with a friend to go with you. Your enthusiasm and joy will be like a moth to a flame.

Step Three: Be Open and Approachable

Great work, Goddess! Through the first two steps, we’ve explored our inner landscape and started our favorite activities. But now what? The next step is to be open and approachable.

It takes a lot of courage for guys that are non-players to approach a woman. To make it easy and increase our odds of meeting Mr. Right, we can create a mindset of being approachable and open. Start with a smile (I enjoy placing one in my heart too). Even if you’re nervous, a smile and eye contact signal openness and confidence. And sometimes we simply need to fake it until we gather our confidence. We add to our aliveness when we converse with new people. Our energy field lights up, our conversational skills increase and we may find ourselves having fun and opening up to life in a whole new way.

We often know within a short time of talking with someone if there’s chemistry or not. Don’t lose hope because at the very least our conversational skills have increased and we will not be tongue tied when Mr. Right does comes along. Another great tip to think about is that unless the guy we’re talking with is a total dud, try not to write him off instantly as he may have brothers, work mates, or friends that he could introduce us to increase our social network.

Above all else, Divine Woman, keep going out, meet people, engage in your passions, and remember you are a Goddess. Chant the mantra: Anything is possible. Have fun along the way, and embrace life and everything that it has to offer.

Remember as you connect to the divine love from within, your frequency will shift and so will the chemistry of your life. If you’d like to move deeper into a sacred healing process, I invite you to download my Ultimate Manifesting Goddess Kit.  It’s my gift to you—valued at over $197!  Step into your power and allow love in!


Who is Bridget?

Bridget Engel is a renowned divine channel, love strategist and manifesting mentor. She is also the author of the book Guidance to Go and the founder of the wildly popular Manifest your Divine Man program. Bridget has a rare and potent power that alchemizes women’s lives by helping them to surrender the unconscious resistance that blocks them from attracting exactly what they desire and deserve in life. Her depth, wisdom and insight delivers life-changing transformation and healing.



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