Please know your guidance works 100% of the time and is working for you! Sometimes we may not notice the signs, or at times we forget to ask for them. This is a very simple prayer that I use when asking for a sign: “Universe, please bring me a clear sign about …………Thank you.” Your part is to let go and allow the universe to do its thing.

If I really want something, I can get attached, and if you also feel challenged to let go, this simple prayer works:

“Dear Archangel Zadkiel, please assist me to release my mental and emotional patterns that keep me attached.”

Take three deep inhales and exhales, and feel all attachments fall away. Allow the love of the universe to fill your heart so it’s overflowing with divine love and possibilities.

Can it really be that easy? Yes it can…and it is! If it becomes difficult or there is much struggle involved, this is a sign you are operating from ego.

In January 2016 I was talking with my hubby Steven and we decided we would like to buy a home. I clearly heard Archangel Zakiel share that the timing would be right for us after the Guidance to Go Retreat in May. Instead of patiently waiting for May to roll around, I jumped into house hunting, checking out different areas and day dreaming about possibilities. Of course, nothing worked and I felt discouraged. I asked my angels for spiritual advice and I heard the words, “Let the spirit of the house find you.” I immediately felt relief and joy bubbling through me. When we feel relief and great feelings, this is a clear sign that it’s guidance. Now, being in the month May, I was guided to look at a home. When I viewed it on the Internet I heard, “Welcome to your new home” (our messages are often short and simple).

There were my signs. As you read them, allow yourself to receive your own special signs.

  1. The month of May that Archangel Zakiel predicted
  2. The spirit of the home found me. I was guided to go on the Internet, the very hour that it was listed.
  3. The street sign before our new home is called Timothy Lane. Timothy is the name of my nephew, who I love and adore.
  4. The street name after our new house is called Hummingbird Lane, which is the name of my sisters Day Care that she built, loved, and also sold for a great profit.
  5. One of my dearest friends Elaine came to look at the house, and as she was gazing out the kitchen window, she smiled as she viewed the gorgeous Maple tree. She shared that she had just said to someone, “The only home accessory you need is a maple tree.”
  6.  I was talking with my mother and I shared the house number was 36. She gasped and shared this is her favorite number and that she would win every raffle with this number. It got to the point where my mother used to win so many prizes at her local community that people were starting to get very upset with her. Yet everyone would scramble to sit at the same table with her as she generously shared her prizes.
  7. We were having coffee in the local area, and the food and service was amazing. I had noticed an astronaut suit outside a store and I thought it was a kids store. Steven went to investigate and came back amazed. He shared that it was a NASA Museum, and that he had never seen one before. Steven worked at NASA for 20 years.
  8. Our agent shared with us that many offers were coming in. When he mentioned this, I thought, “I am not going into a bidding war.” My angels shared that if I wanted this home I would need to offer this exact amount to the dollar, and that the extra amount we would pay would easily come back to us before the end of the year.

I hope this has inspired you to remain open and aware of your signs. Your guides and the universe love you and are always communicating with you.

P.S. – We got the house!


Divine Goddess

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