Goddess on Fire

Woman, this is your time to rise into your inherent power. Let me show you how. Get your hands on this sacred training valued at $197 for FREE.

Thank you for purchasing

“The Energy of the Goddess Freya” 

It was a gift to me to receive and put on canvas her Energy.  I hope this giclee will bring you many blessings throughout your life!  

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Shirley Hodges

Divine woman,

Are you ready to receive a divine upgrade in all areas of your life? Of course you are, that’s why you are here! Welcome to Goddess Freya, and while you are waiting for your Giclee to arrive, please start using the mantra below.

To Begin

Breathe deeply and say out loud “I give Goddess Freya permission to access blockages in my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.”

I invoke Goddess Freya to dissolve all areas of smallness, constriction, and lack of action and passion in my life.

I am now infused with radiance, vitality, boldness, and the courage to take action steps without delay.

Breathe this in, Divine Woman, and feel what it feels like to have Goddess Freya’s energy circulating throughout your being.