A very painful human experience is not feeling accepted. This can cause one to question their self-worth, and can lead to feeling isolated and lonely. A part of boosting our self-worth and receiving is to accept ourselves fully. This is a journey—and a delicious one. You will find your relationships becoming freer and easier, because when you begin to accept yourself, you automatically begin to accept others.

When we refuse to accept something, and if we stay in this stance it has very little power to transform things. Responding with acceptance magically unlocks sticky situations. Acceptance does not mean you allow bad behaviors or unworkable situations to continue; it is simply a tool to create freedom in your life. When you reside in acceptance you may delightfully discover that you know exactly what to do or say. The difficult person may even suddenly fall away, or the situation may resolve itself.

To create harmonious relationships in your life, practice accepting and loving people as they are. People around you will feel safe when you accept them—their personality quirks and all. This acceptance includes thinking accepting thoughts, because people pick up on judgmental thoughts fast. Your body language and tone of voice will always give you away.

To increase your ability for acceptance, you can practice saying to yourself, “I accept you exactly as you are, I accept me exactly as I am, and I release trying to change you or me.” Choose the perspective of amusement. Your choice will help you remain detached and to view the situation with more humor. People can really be quite funny. Allow yourself to lighten up and engage in amusement and laughter.

You are your most valuable and precious gift. Choose to be on the pathway to love and accept all parts of yourself, including your quirks and unique aspects.

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