We get back what we give out. This is how we experience the greatest gift of all – free will. We learn about free will by having what we create return to us. We first start by noticing what is occurring in our life right now! Next we make a direct correlation between what we are giving out and what we are receiving. The time gap between what we send out and what we receive is very small.

About six months ago, I was feeling annoyed about an issue, and was arguing with myself in my head. My mood was becoming dark. The next moment I saw flashing lights behind me and was pulled over by a cop. He approached my car with the same dark mood I had been feeling. And yes, I got a ticket. Our energies were a perfect match, and I clearly received what I was giving out. The universe was sending me a wake-up call, a clear sign. I could have gone into victim mode and complained to my friends about the big bad cop (maybe I did). But the truth was; I knew at a higher level I had created this myself.

When you give, choose to do it with an open loving heart. This will create the energy of detachment for you and the ultimate experience in freedom. This is what our famous masters, such as Jesus and Buddha, taught us and practiced daily.

You may say, “Well, I’m a parent and I have to give to my children for the next 18 years of their life.” As a parent or employee, there will always be areas where you need to give. It is your choice to give with a willing or begrudging attitude. When you choose a willing attitude, you are easier to approach and more open. Because of this, you will naturally experience more creative solutions and new ways of getting things accomplished. You will attract wonderful people who will be willing to help you.

A positive attitude acts like a good water filter and a natural barrier for bouncing lesser energies away from you, such as worry, anxiety, and anger. A positive or willing attitude will bring more positive results to you. The greatest power we have is to use our free will to choose between acting from a place of love or fear. By choosing love, we fortify ourselves with the courage needed to take action to melt away our fears and resolve them.

Choose to give because it feels good and it’s something you want to do. Give because it’s in alignment with your values and who you are. If it stops fueling you and turns into an energy drain, then cease doing it and say no. Say no from a place of power, not from a place of resentment or avoidance. It’s always important to place yourself first, as selfish as this may feel. This is the ultimate act of self-love. When you are filled up and fulfilled, you have so much more to give.

If you stop giving because you think you’re not getting enough in return, then your world will start shrinking and your life will get smaller. Counteract this by writing down everything that you have received, and everything you continue to receive. Each day, count all of your blessings – the tiniest blessings and the biggest blessings all count equally.

Here are some tools to assist you:

Spiritual level
  1. To resolve a personality conflict before you have a physical conversation, ask your Higher Self to meet with the other person’s Higher Self to start resolving your issues.
  1. Practice detachment every day. One way to do this is to observe your situation from outside of yourself. Choose to be detached from the outcome.
  1. We always get what we give. Give love generously and you will have a constant supply of energy, creativity, and happiness coming back to you.
Physical level
  1. We all have needs. Get clear on what your needs are and identify them, then look for way to fulfill them
  1. Break down your unspoken expectations by discovering what they are and turn them into agreements. For example, ask yourself, “Do I have an unspoken expectation if I give or do this __________ (fill in the blank)? What am I expecting the other person to do for me?”
  1. Create clear agreements with people. Get honest about what your needs and expectations are, and find out what the other person’s needs are. This step alone may dissolve your relationship with this person as you realize you are not a clear match any longer. Or it may draw you closer together as you discover mutual purposes and mutual benefits. For this to happen, both parties need to have said yes to the agreed rules and actions, and a date for completion or next action needs to be set.

Divine Goddess

You no longer need to suffer by putting up with just good enough, being stifled by fear or waiting for someone to rescue you.It’s time for you to feel incredible in your own body and life, as you reclaim your inherent power and divine beauty.

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