When I began my Guidance to Go retreat 15 months ago, I had no idea how to run promotions or implement an Internet marketing plan. I was in a place of gathering as much information as fast as possible. I fell into the trap of signing up for different marketing programs, thinking I needed to be doing what others were. I felt overwhelmed trying to implement these different strategies; some of which were brilliant, and some simply did not fit my style.

This year I decided to use the same manifesting tools that I teach in order to reach my ideal clients. I let go of using any strategies that did not feel fun to me. As a result, the April Guidance to Go retreat doubled in size from last year, and I’ve even added an October 7th -11th retreat in the wine country. A huge thank you to Gina Rossi and my team members who are manifesting goddess, and who have helped hold huge energetic space and support for the retreats and our amazing community.

Below is the exact energetic invitation that I use as my morning ritual.

As you say these words, feel and see your ideal rock star clients finding you in fun and fabulous ways. Allow yourself to be surprised and delighted. See how your energy increases as you serve them, and notice how your gratitude and pride swell as you see them making huge transformations in their lives.

“I am rolling out the red carpet in all directions of time to land under my rock star clients. I am asking for all obstacles of money, time, and fear to be dissolved as they walk along this carpet, and I am over joyed because they are our ideal clients that we love to serve, and we bring blessings beyond belief to each other as well as outrageous fun, finances, and joy.”

The energetic invitation has now been sent. Your only focus is to allow the universe to do what it does best to act as a match-maker, bringing your ideal clients to your red carpet party. Trust that your ideal clients are on their way to you. The most important part of the energetic invitation is it’s a party, so you have zero attachment to how many are attending, because you know in your heart the perfect ones are arriving and you are going to have a blast together.

Now, as you go about your day, pay special attention to any signs, nudges, coincidences, and messages. You may feel a nudge to drive to a coffee shop, call a friend, attend a dance class, network, or take a trip. If it feels good then this is your guidance, and it’s the universe working on your behalf to coordinate your ideal clients to meet you in the easiest way possible.

Rock on!


Divine Goddess

You no longer need to suffer by putting up with just good enough, being stifled by fear or waiting for someone to rescue you.It’s time for you to feel incredible in your own body and life, as you reclaim your inherent power and divine beauty.

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