Today I’m sharing one of my daily practices for remaining in joy and feminine flow.

The key is to be in your body! And to feel your feelings.

You may have heard me say many times that one of the most important relationships we will ever have is the one with ourselves. It’s true! 

The more we give our loving attention to our feelings, our bodies, our truth, and our nourishment, the more our authentic self rises, our self-love increases, and our joy expands. Because it’s the law of energy: energy flows where attention goes. If you’re giving the best of yourself to others, and leaving yourself last on the list, then you’re not able to fully nourish and love yourself. It may sound selfish, but it’s truly not. And the first step is to become aware of what you need to feel supported and loved. So here’s my daily practice:

Tune into your body each day, and ask what she wants to express.

• If you’re feeling tired, drained, or stuck, place your hands on your heart, breathe deeply, allow your feelings to arise, acknowledge them, and give them the space to dance through you.

• Give yourself full permission to make sounds  this releases blocked energy. If you’re feeling anger or frustration, perhaps roar like a lioness. If it feels right for you, let your body move. You don’t need to think about it too much. Just feel. Your body knows what to do.

• Give yourself permission to say an authentic YES or NO to a decision or situation that’s lurking in your consciousness. By tuning in and listening, you’ll know which answer is right for you. Be true to yourself.

• And, finally, give yourself full permission to have fun and allow the rejuvenating energy of joy to fill every cell in your body and permeate into every area of your life.

You are loved. You are an amazing woman. Feel your essence emanate from the core of your very being and give yourself permission to shine brightly and boldly. 

Much love,

P.S. Using movement to feel into your body is one of the best ways of tuning in. And dance can lift your energy in under 30 seconds. I invite you to dance your arse off with me each morning and allow yourself to just experience the joy of it. 

For some dancing inspiration, here’s my favorite dance track with Misty Tripoli:


Divine Goddess

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