Divine Woman




Break free from not feeling good enough to create unshakable confidence and a life you love without struggle.

So right now, divine woman, you’re feeling trapped in constant negative self-talk, fear and overwhelm. You know you’re meant for big things, but you can’t seem to get the traction you desire to move your life in the direction of your dreams.

You’re over it.

If you’re going to create and live a life you love, if you’re going to become the woman you were meant to be, and if you’re going to attract the right people, opportunities and circumstances, you have to love yourself with complete self-acceptance. And you need to make your relationship with you and your spirit your number one priority.

This is a divine journey home to your power. It’s an up-leveling as you unravel and release all the stories, beliefs and pain from your past that have kept you in an endless loop of frustration, self-sabotage and despair.

When you are ready to heal, everything
changes rapidly with grace.

You’re over giving, giving, giving.

You’re ready for divine intervention, potent transformation and a hell of a lot more fun, ease and money.

It’s time then, for you, my love, to own your inner fire as you burn the excuses, doubt, self-loathing and fear.

It’s time for you to release your fear to embody a whole other frequency and, in doing so, create a completely new reality.

You know deep down that life will respond to you differently when you respond to yourself differently, but you need to get out of your own way to finally cut the cords that have been suffocating you for years.

I’m going to let you in on a secret: the key to receiving the money, love and abundance you deserve is not to work harder.

If you really want to manifest a business and life that grows and grows with unstoppable flow and alignment, you must release all resistance, fear, and past pain that is blocking you from divine success.

To manifest money and abundance, you must have a solid emotional and spiritual foundation. The principles that I will teach you can be applied to finding love, healing your soul, and creating financial well-being.

I work with my spirit guides to dissolve your blocks and create a plan to have you manifesting like a Goddess on fire.

This is about YOU STEPPING INTO YOUR INHERENT POWER without waiting any longer.

It’s about CLAIMING your LIFE back from the throes of chaos, overwhelm and busyness.

It’s about having the power to alter the course of your life at any time.

This is about transcending every belief you have about being a spiritual, loving and deserving woman. Trust me, over the years I’ve had to release the pain and trauma of my relationship with my father and then completely up level my relationship with myself and my healing powers to become a divine channel, healer, and entrepreneur. It wasn’t until I did the healing work I invite you to commit to that I reclaimed my inherent divine self worth. The journey home to my divine Goddess power has been the most incredible and potent practice of my life. The moment I began the process, my business, life and marriage got an immediate makeover. I had clients flooding in to teach them how to manifest. Now it’s your turn.

This is only for women who are 100% ready and fully committed to welcoming positive change into their lives and who are ready to RELEASE THEIR LIMITS AND SOAR.
So what’s in the Manifest Like a Goddess Program?
  • 4 x 60-minute sessions over 1 month via Zoom with me
  • Transformation on a cellular level from channeling sessions
  • Recordings of our sessions, so you can tune in and listen again at your leisure
  • Texting for accountability and momentum
  • A custom-recorded, channeled guided visualization and mantra
  • I will be holding sublime energy for you along with potent prayers
What are the core outcomes?
  • Shift from feeling that you are not enough to having rock solid unbreakable confidence
  • Overcome procrastination and confusion to be aligned and focused to get shizz done with deliberate ease
  • Detox family drama and pain to fully become a wealthy and empowered woman
  • Release shame to open up to receiving more love, money, and intimacy. This is your divine inheritance
What you need to know about me:
  • I’m a renowned channel and healer – I get results!
  • When my clients book with me, their lives start shifting immediately.
  • I’m loving and compassionate: I will shine the light of truth on your situation in a gentle, safe and transformative way.
  • I will hold you accountable: I will expect you to follow through on your action steps and to be 100% committed.
  • I work at the speed of light and my work is always potent and life changing.
  • I have a great sense of humor and your month will be filled with lots of laughter, fun, and divine manifestation as you claim your inherent Goddess power.

“When I came to work with Bridget, I had to make a life changing business decision. Within 10 minutes, Bridget was able to zone in on my vibration and help me make a powerful choice. My energy shifted immediately as I released what felt like 20 pounds of heaviness! For entrepreneurs who need to move quickly with clarity and lightness, Bridget is a channeling fire Goddess at guiding you to make decisions that align with your highest vision. She’s loving, wise and utterly gifted.”

Ingrid ArnaFounder CEO Diva Business School

“Bridget is a divine leader in self-awareness, feminine power, love, spiritual presence, compassion, gratitude and personal growth! She’s honest, humble and leads by example, which made me feel loved and accepted and not judged. When she speaks, her wisdom is felt, understood, and accepted at a core level of just knowing. It opens me to know that wisdom and possibility are inside of me too! … I have learned to follow through and commit to the daily tools of being grounded, aware, and connected to my guides! I have benefited so much from her coaching. I am so proud and amazed when I look back to where I was and where I am now.”

Diana ThomasCA
Limited Spaces

I have very limited spaces so jump on this invitation, if you want to change your life and get love and spirit filled healing that’s needed to Manifest Like A Goddess On Fire.

Our next steps?

If this is a journey you’re yearning for, simply book this VIP opportunity here, email or PM me, and we’ll set up a 20 minute meeting.

Let’s start creating a life built on your deepest desires and dreams with you in the driver’s seat.