I should warn you right now. Things will change fast.

Lightning fast.

That goal, dream or “something” you crave, the one that’s eluded you up to now, it will come rushing into your experience with ease and grace. Because when we work together, we work at the speed of Spirit.

Ah, but that’s only one of the reasons we should work, play and soar together.

Here are a few more:


Feeling stuck, blocked, confused or unclear? In a flash, I can help you get exquisitely clear about what you want, what’s in your way and how to shake loose of the old beliefs, stories and energies that hold you back. Think Fairy Godmother… except in leather pants and hot pink lipstick.


Yes, I’ll certainly call upon my angels to help clarify, clear and guide you to the perfect path. But better yet, I’ll help you tune in and tap into your own spiritual guidance and angels so you’re never alone or without the guidance you need to be happy, successful and living life to the fullest.


Do you feel as if your feminine fire, passion and playfulness have fizzled out over the years? Well, when we work together in the limitless energy and inspiration of Spirit, you will quickly move from frumpy, frustrated and shut down to powerfully inspired, soulfully sassy, and fully in love with your life. After all, the energy of Spirit is passionate, sensuous and sexy. And even a little sassy.


Whatever it is you want, whether it be a new car, a new career, your soul mate or a whole new life, I’ll give you the heavenly guidance, crystal clarity, energetic support and down-to-earth action steps you need to let that dream, goal or desire of yours flow easily, effortlessly, almost magically, into your experience.

If you’re ready to take a big, bold leap out of the status quo, know your purpose
and your path and soar into a glorious life of your own creation,
here are a few of the ways we can work together to make that happen:

gtog-retreat-on-transparent-back-1A 5-day Retreat: Date to be Announced

A 5-day Hawaiian Retreat designed to help you reconnect with your soul, awaken your feminine power, revive your sensual strength and create what’s next in your life… while basking in a tropical paradise with other inspiring, like-minded women.

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one-desireYour 90-minute Soul Session

Do you have a big goal, dream or desire you want to manifest? In this one power-packed session, we will call in the angels, connect with your greater knowing and clear the energy blocks that are mucking up the mix so you can easily manifest one delicious goal.

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A 3-Month Coaching Package

If you have an aspect or area of your life you’d like to transform, like your career, your love life, or your finances, this 3-month coaching adventure will give you the spiritual guidance and inspired action steps you need to create an easy, effortless shift!

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I am difficult to impress, but I am beyond impressed. Your strength, compassion and wildly free spirit are beautiful to behold, and I can’t thank you enough for teaching me about energy management and providing a space for me that has allowed me to cleanse, clarify, and fortify my past and my future so dramatically. You are a true gem, a rare sparkling and beautiful soul. I hope to know you for many years to come.”~ Elizabeth Steckler, TX  


“I feel as though I’ve been woken up, right at my core and been magically given exactly what I needed. Working with Bridget has been a major turning point in my life. I experienced such a deep healing and was given the tools I needed to live larger, to stop showing up small and scared. It’s only been 3 months since the retreat and I feel as though my life has truly blossomed, having taken leaps in both my business life and love life. I’m thrilled to say I absolutely feel like a different person, one who has given herself the freedom to really live!

 Thank you Bridget.” ~ Elaine Barton, CA


Bridget, words can not express the gratitude I feel. It’s overwhelming. Some thing drew me to come to Hawaii and it’s the best thing I have ever done for myself. I knew there was something extra special about you. Thank you for helping me restore my faith. ~ Much love, Amy Shmayne Pollard

“When I began working with Bridget, my goal was to increase my wealth and the abundance in my life.Wealth to me, meant my finances. I can now see, that true wealth included my relationship with money, people, health, and my happiness. It really came down to my sense of self-worth. I learned that I teach people how to treat me, through the behaviors I accept from them, and how I expect to be treated.
Until I worked with Bridget, I was not strong enough to stand up for myself. I gave and gave until I was depleted. I had no savings; debt was a fear, and …I was waiting for my miracles. Little did I know, life was waiting for me! To make bold choices, and be the brave change that I so badly needed.
I finally chose to be the miracle coordinator of my life. But without Bridget as a Coach, and her guidance, I would not have been able to understand how to do that, when to do that, and even why I should do that.I am now in a completely different place. I have fired some clients and welcomed new ones. My business is thriving, happy, and FUN! I now have the time to nurture the special friendships in my life. I feel fulfilled, loved, and beyond rewarded, and I have a very special man in my life.” ~ Gina Rossi, CA