workshopTurbo Boost your capacity for receiving, and truly feel confident about who you are!

In this loving, playful, and very powerful workshop, you will:

  • Learn the root cause that blocks your desires and manifestations.
  • Rediscover your self-worth and value without having to dredge up the past.
  • See how to open your heart chakra (and keep it open!), and understand why this is crucial to self-love, self-worth, and receiving your heart’s desires.
  • Find out how to access the most powerful energy in the universe, leverage it, apply it, and create your heart’s desires.

I will introduce you to my guide, Archangel Zadkiel—a loving and powerful Archangel who will be transmitting energy and sharing insights with our group. This is where the quantum shifts occur. I call it magic.

You will leave with barriers to self-love and self-worth dissolved. As you enter into your life with a renewed sense of passion and aliveness, you will have fun discovering what it truly means to be open, aware, and to receive your heart’s desires.

Private home in San Rafael, CA with beautiful water views.

This event is limited to 8 fabulous people. Each person will receive individual coaching and transformation. Cost is $108.

The Next Workshop August 6th 2016 @ 11 am- 4.30pm!

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They say that when you attend a workshop or seminar if you walk away with a couple of items then it was a good one.  Afterwards you take the items and work, work and work some more on it with hopes of getting some type of result. Bridget Engel’s Turbo boost your self-worth workshop was exceptional.  Not only were we given the tools but we were able to put them into use right then and there.  In just a few hours everyone in attendance transformed right in front of my eyes.  No weeks/months of work, practice and dramatic emotional upheavals. She very quickly got all of us right where we needed to be.  The whole group, every one of us left that workshop a much better person than when we arrived.  It was amazing and inspiring and Bridget made it easily attainable for all of us.  From the bottom of my heart I thank you!”

Ava Szilagyi

Mountian View, CA